A selection of images (details) of a body of exploratory research objects from the genesis project of Making Sense - from left to right:
Fern World
(Gray), Biolight (Burnett), Spore World (Gray), Biolight (Burnett), Shell World (Gray), Mould World (Gray)

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First proposed by Gordon Burnett in 2000, the concept of Making Sense has been a vehicle for collaborative research that resulted in 2004 in a major international conference Challenging Craft and a related on-line project Connectivity.

In 2007 a new phase of research was initiated through a
practice-led research project - a dialogue between two
makers - Burnett and Carole Gray - that attempted to
question experiences of making and their value as a form of knowing through reflective and active methods.

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m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

genesis research project (2007 - 08)    

Making Sense:    
an exploration of ways of knowing    
generated through    
practice and reflection in craft   

what can be known by making   
that could not be known by any other means