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Making Sense: 2009 - evaluation

In order to gain an understanding of the project's impact on the students we adapted a visual mechanism - a radar chart (Chambers et al, 1983) - that we named
'the evaluation star'. Its function was to encourage students to think about their levels/ability of achievement in six areas (each related to year level learning outcomes for the undergraduate degree): creativity, self-confidence, self-criticality, open-mindedness, collaborative skills and professionalism.

Prior to undertaking the project each student evaluated themselves against the six factors by chosing a number on
the scale from 1 to 6 - 6 being the highest rating -
connecting the numbers to draw a star shape. After completing the project each student rated themselves again and compared the differences (if any) in their capabilities. The 'star' image on the right is an example of
pre- and post-project impact (blue being pre project, red post project).

Click here to see an analysis of the group's performance.

m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

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