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developing research project (2010 - 2014)

Making Sense of Wellbeing:
a creative intervention - workshop 1

In April 2010 Arts and Healthcare practitioner-researchers worked collaboratively to experience a tightly structured evolved version of the Making Sense project, using the ARP principles of chance and random selection to respond to a sound, an object, a smell and a method from the ARP database. These stimuli were generic and not associated with artistic experience in order to increase accessibility with potential transferability to engage broader participation.

Click here to download a PDF of an extract of the project brief.

m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

Eight practitioner-researchers - four from Art and four from Health- were involved in a 3 hour intensive workshop. Participants were strategically paired (one from each
discipline) to complement each other's experience and expertise. The workshop began by each pair discussing
their respective stimuli (received a week prior to the workshop) and interpretations towards 'making sense'.

(Three other participants worked remotely).

Two evaluation methods were tested: coloured labels were used to capture instant reactions before, during and at the end of the project; these were hung on a tree branch - a
kind of 'evaluation tree'. Individual verbal responses to the making experience were recorded with digital video for later analysis, together with a summary discussion.